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Become a Certified Resilient Workplace

 The Certified Resilient Workplace (CReW) Program empowers and acknowledges workplaces that proactively foster a culture of resilience, enhancing mental well-being by prioritising preventative mental health strategies.

As an official CreW partner, we're dedicated to guiding workplaces through the journey of becoming recognised as a Certified Resilient Workplace. Our expertise lies in embedding resilience into your company, turning challenges into opportunities for growth, and enhancing the metal well-being of every employee.

Why Choose Us as your Crew Partner?

Expert Guidance

Tailored Solutions

Comprehensive Support

Proven Impact

Leverage our understanding of the CreW program, backed by a successful tract record of transforming workplace cultures.

From initial assessment to achieving certification and beyond, we provide end to end support to ensure your success.

Receive customised resilience-building strategies that align with your unique workplace dynamics and objectives

Programs proven to build resilience, peer support skills, and job satisfaction, through Resilience First Aid (RFA), Resilience First Aid Starter Training (RFAST), High Adversity Resilience Training (HART), and the Driven program.

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Our Services

Certified Resilience Workplace Training

Ongoing Resilience Training

Resilience Impact Communities Setup

Assessment and Reporting

Facilitated by experienced trainers, our programs cover everything from resilience fundamentals to advanced strategies, preparing your team to thrive in the face of adversity  

Benefit from personalised coaching sessions that target specific resilience goals, ensuring sustained progress and well-being 

We help establish and support Resilience Impact Communities (RICs) within your workplace to foster a culture of mutual support and continuous improvement  

Utilise our assessment tools to measure resilience levels, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your workplace resilience strategy 

Achieve Recognition

Your efforts in building a resilient workplace deserve recognition. As your CReW Partner, we assist you in showcasing your commitment to a healthy work environment through: 

  • CReW Certification – Attain different levels of recognition - Pioneer, Advocate, and Leader - to highlight your commitment to resilience 

  • Visibility and Pride – Gain certificates, digital badges, and public listings on notable platforms to celebrate and publicise your resilience achievements.

  • Ongoing Improvement – With our support, continue to build on your successes, aiming for higher tiers of recognition and embedding resilience deeper into your company culture





Contact us to start your path towards becoming a Certified Resilient Workplace. Let's create a thriving, resilient, and supportive work environment together. 

Ready to Transform your Workplace?

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