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HART - High Adversity Resilience

Discover a New Frontier in Resilience Training – Tailored for Those Who Face the Toughest Challenges.

The HART Certification program offers specialized resilience skills for professionals in emergency services, healthcare, law enforcement, military, and other high-adversity fields.

HART - High Adversity Resilience Training


Comprehensive Package for Personal Advancement

The HART Certification Skills Curriculum is a comprehensive program specifically designed to build resilience capacity in individuals facing the unique challenges of high-adversity occupations.


HART is targeted at the main occupational stress factors affecting emergency services.

Operational Stress - Challenges that can lead to trauma:

  • High pressure to manage crises

  • Trauma and death – see, handle, treat, inflict, or prevent

  • Risk of injury and death

  • Difficult interactions with civilians

  • Direct and vicarious trauma

  • Burnout, depression, anxiety, and suicide

Organisation Stress - Challenges that wear down resilience capacity:

  • Shift work

  • Lots of paperwork

  • Rigid procedures

  • Tough training regimes

  • Lack of resources

  • Stigma about asking for help

  • Command structures

  • Extreme time pressures

  • Issues with other staff

  • Conflicting agendas

Relationship Stress - Effect on families that can cause isolation and loneliness:

  • Disengaging from family due to job stress

  • Not wanting to share difficult parts of the job

  • Long hours leaving too little time with family

  • Difficulty to maintain relationships or friendships (especially with people outside the field)

  • Low levels of camaraderie

Delivery Format

College Students in Classroom

Face-to Face

2 full days - 2 x 7 hours

lead by certified HART Instructor

Working From Home


Self Paced fully online

Contact us for more information

Upcoming Courses

By becoming HART Certified, you will achieve:

  • Enhanced Personal Resilience – Learn advanced techniques for managing extreme stress, improving your ability to handle high-pressure situations with calmness and clarity

  • Professional Development & Performance – HART’s training helps enhance decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills, directly contributing to better performance in demanding work environments

  • Better Work-Life Balance – Gain insights into managing the unique pressures of shift work, long hours, and the emotional toll of high-stress occupations, leading to improved life satisfaction and work-life balance

  • Cultural Shift in the Workplace – By fostering resilience skills, HART participants can contribute to a more supportive, understanding, and resilient workplace culture

  • Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing – Equip yourself with strategies to prevent burnout, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges common in high-adversity roles

  • Long-Term Career Sustainability – Building resilience is key to a long, fulfilling career in high-adversity professions. HART provides the tools to maintain mental and emotional strength over time

  • Support for Relationships – The skills learned in HART extend beyond the workplace, aiding in maintaining and strengthening personal relationships, crucial for overall wellbeing

  • Community of Support – Join a network of professionals who understand the unique challenges of high-adversity jobs, offering peer support and shared learning experiences

This course is recognised by Suicide Prevention Australia as a safe, high-quality, and effective suicide prevention program.

Who is HART Valuable For?

The High Adversity Resilience Training (HART) program is meticulously designed for professionals who operate in environments where stress levels are not just high, but often extreme. This specialized training is ideal for:

Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services

Those who often are the first responders to crises, facing danger and uncertainty head-on to support their local communities

Emergency Medicine

Paramedics, EMTs, and ambulance personnel who face life-and-death situations and provide critical care in the most challenging environments

Military and Armed Forces

Dedicated individuals who serve in various capacities, often in hostile and demanding environments

Healthcare Professionals

Individuals working in hospitals, clinics, and aged care who manage both the emotional and physical demands of patient care

Law Enforcement and Security

Officers and security personnel who ensure public safety, often in unpredictable and high-risk situations

Emergency Dispatch and Crisis Call Centers

Critical support staff who coordinate response efforts and provide initial contact in emergencies

Other High-Stress Professions

Including lawyers, investigators, therapists, educators, and carers who regularly deal with high-stress situations

Family and Friends of These Audiences

Learn how to support those you care about through understanding the skills they use to manage mental health

What's Included:


The HART Certification is not just a training program – it’s a comprehensive journey towards advanced resilience skills, providing you with extensive resources and ongoing support. Here’s what’s included in the certification:

14 Hours of Advanced & Accredited Training

Participate in a robust 14-hour training program, led by experienced instructors. This training encompasses a wide range of resilience-building techniques and practical applications, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject matter.

3-Year Renewable Certification

Upon completion of the training, you’ll be awarded a 3-year HART Certification. This certification is renewable, demonstrating your ongoing commitment to resilience and personal development.

Pre & Post Personal Resilience Insights Report

To track your progress and development, you’ll receive personalized resilience insights reports both before and after the training. These reports offer a detailed view of your resilience levels, helping you understand your growth and areas for further improvement.

HART Manual

Receive an in-depth full color HART manual, a valuable resource that complements your training experience. This manual is shipped directly to you at no additional cost, providing a convenient & accessible learning tool.

Includes interactive learning components that connect with the Driven Resilience App and space to complete activities in workshops.

6 Months Access to the Driven Resilience App

Gain exclusive access to the Driven Resilience App for six months. This innovative app supports your learning journey, offering interactive features and resources to enhance your resilience skills in everyday life.

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